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Fantastic Sam's Does High-Maintenance Hair, Recession-Style

Image via Fantastic Sams

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We may be in the thick of a global financial crisis, but that doesn't mean we have to resort to blow-drying our own hair. A Fantastic Sam's rep tells us the chain's Doheny Drive outpost has seen an influx of oft-photographed clients over the past six months, all turning out for their $30 blowout.

We know what you're thinking—yes, this is the same Fantastic Sam's that's been responsible for questionable sixth-grade school pictures nationwide. But that hasn't deterred paparazzi bait like Mischa Barton, Tori Spelling and the Olsen twins from reportedly entrusting their locks to the Fantastic Sams team, and not even as part of a publicity stunt. For others who shudder at the thought of a DIY blow-dry, this might not be such a bad option, especially considering most of the surrounding salons won't even pick up a round brush for less than $60. With savings like that, you might even be able to spring for a 'Designer Perm.'
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