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Storecasting: Territory Will Add BBQ to the Great Vinyl Revival of '09

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Today's LA Times takes a look at Origami and other record shops opening around town, including Vacation in Los Feliz and Little Radio downtown. And as we reported earlier, it's not just the indies that are excited about vinyl—Best Buy's considering adding a small section to some of its stores. What none of these various record shops offer, however, is a change to buy LPs while also appreciating a pulled-pork sandwich.

Enter Territory BBQ And Records, set to soft-launch at 534 Hoover Street on May 14th. Territory's owners know a bit about transplanting cuisines—they operate the Endless Summer taco truck in Brooklyn, which brings California cuisine to Williamsburg (pictured above). They also know something about music—one used to run the label Tee Pee Records, and the other used to front the band Bad Wizard. The place is certainly a bit of a risk, since it combines two tough industries under one roof, but as long as diners wash their hands before touching the albums, we think it's a promising premise.
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