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Saks Gearing Up for Another Great Sale

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"Saks is so going to break first as expected," writes a Racked tipster, who sent an image of the flier that the department store is sending out to dedicated customers across the country. "I was told by my SA to expect Mother's Day weekend presaling starting on May 4th and 40%."

You may remember that last November the retailer "broke sale" before many others, cutting prices on luxury goods by as much as 80%. This angered designers and the competition, and prompted a serious run on 10022-SHOE. Designers are still pissed about it, with some, like Eileen Fisher, going as far as to suggest renting space in the stores so they can control pricing. Shoppers, of course, were pretty ecstatic. Will we see the same mania with this spring sale? And if so, will it force Bendel, Bergdorf and Barneys to cut prices to keep up? Developing...
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