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Which Designers Should Get Their Own Biopics?

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People love to make biopics about Coco Chanel, but what other designers deserve a film made about their lives? The Guardian nominates Marc Jacobs and the Versace family, offering up this pitch for the latter:

Flamboyant designer and stalwart of international party scene, lovely man, openly gay, responsible for inventing the supermodel and rabble-rousing with Elton John. Tragedy strikes when he gets gunned down on Miami doorstep, then case hots up as FBI hunt the spree serial killer Andrew Phillip Cunanan. Cue mourning of every model on the planet, stemmed when it emerges that even more flamboyant (and bonkers) sister Donatella is to head up design at the fashion house, while the dynasty is crystallised by Gianni leaving fortune to Donatella's daughter Allegra.
Uh, if that movie existed we'd go see it immediately. (There is a 2001 made-for-TV documentary floating around out there, but we're talking feature films.) What other designers should be immortalized on film? And who should play them? To the comments!
· Which fashion designers would make it in the movies? [The Guardian]

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