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Now Open: Malibu Lumber, Yard

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The last time we checked in with the Malibu Lumber Yard, we were told that it would be a few weeks before everything would be fully open. But when we stopped by this morning, we found a host of fully-stocked shops, with only Maxfield, Kitson Men, and a handful of unmarked spaces still under construction.

The new mall is nestled so tightly in between the PCH and the western wing of the Malibu Country Mart that, aside from their vastly different decors, you might not know you were in a separate shopping center. Unlike the Country Mart's cozy beach bungalow vibe, the Lumber Yard feels more like a chic resort, all dark wood, cushy lounge furniture, and lush tropical greenery.

At the moment, the retail offerings are almost strictly geared towards apparel, and each one's merchandise is distinctly beachy - lots of distressed cargos, swimwear and lightweight cashmere at J. Crew, kaftans and maxidresses at Intermix, even wetsuits at the shutter-fronted James Perse. As for food, the only choices at the moment are surprisingly calorific for Malibu(but nonetheless delicious) - Crumbs cupcakes and a D'Amore's pizza van. We'll be interested to see whether the last few empty storefronts give rise to a more eclectic selection of retailers, and what other restaurants will be added to the mix. But until then, there's always the Malibu Country Mart...literally a 30 second walk away.

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