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Now Open: Fluxus Adds Layers to Larchmont

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The mom-and-pop shops of Larchmont have a surprising new neighbor: Fluxus, an LA brand known for its tissue-thin layering pieces and celebrity fan base. The label's flagship boutique opened here last Saturday, injecting new life—and a dose of Hollywood cred—into one of the street's many empty storefronts.

Supposedly inspired by the radical Fluxus art movement of the 1960s, the line specializes in cotton jersey basics with a slightly gritty twist, including burnout tees and leggings, draped t-back vests and slouchy cuffed trousers. After an extensive renovation, the loft-like boutique is nearly unrecognizable from its former incarnation—women's clothing store My Favorite Place, which merged with Landis General Store earlier this year after 35 years in the space.

Although starlets like Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester, and Jessicas Alba and Biel are fans of the brand, the brains behind Fluxus think it will appeal just as much to the Larchmont locals—and as long as supplies last, they're giving a free tee to every visitor to prove it. "We cater to everyone from 16 to 70—the demographic is wide open," says Brandon Rafferty, who's responsible for the brand's LA retail operations. "There's so much foot traffic on Larchmont, and we want to bring even more people here." A directional t-shirt brand flying the flag for sleepy Larchmont's reawakening? Like it or not, you've got to admit that one less "For Lease" sign on the street is surely a step in some kind of right direction.
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