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Loomstate for Target Redux: The Menswear Situation in Pasadena

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This morning we had a report on the Loomstate for Target women's selection, but what of the menswear? A tipster in Pasadena gives us his take:

As of yesterday afternoon (Sunday), the Target in Pasadena's Playhouse District had a limited selection of the Loomstate menswear; about 5 styles, which included the charcoal and white bird print button down shirts, tees in aqua, and the board shorts in charcoal and aqua. This was displayed on a rack that still had signage for Converse One Star so it was difficult to find.
The Target in the east side of Pasadena had much of the Loomstate menswear in stock, but not out on the sales floor. "It will be out next week," I was told by an employee, who was gracious enough to go into the stockroom and fish out a specific tee I wanted.
It seems like it may take a little waiting for the menswear to roll out completely, at least in Pasadena. The womenswear at both locations were out and properly signed, attracting a steady stream of women picking through items.
This is a particularly appealing men's collection, so we hope it'll arrive in full soon.
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