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Happy Record Store Day Eve, Everybody

Image via <a href="">jondoeforty1</a>/Flickr
Image via jondoeforty1/Flickr

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Tomorrow is the third annual Record Store Day, a holiday conceived in 2007 to celebrate and promote the increasingly archaic concept of a store that sells music. This year it coincides with Coachella, meaning most of LA's music lovers will be out in the middle of the desert, but the Coachella people have gotten around that little snag by hiring people from Zia Record Exchange to run an on-site store. Meanwhile, record stores all over town will have live performances and deals (e.g. Scott Ian from Anthrax is showing up at Ameoba.)

Meanwhile, on the music blog Idolator, there's a big discussion about whether Record Store Day is really necessary/helpful. Asks a reader who obviously does not have dry skin: Is selling albums really more worthy of celebration than, say, selling moisturizer? Hilarious response: "I will cede that point if you can name more than a half dozen moisturizer blogs off the top of your head." Clearly there's not much crossover between music nerds and the beauty blogosphere.
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