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The Quotable Rick Owens

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Designer Rick Owens is quickly becoming our favorite new source of fashion commentary, mostly because he has absolutely no qualms about offending everyone around him. In a recent video interview for Hint Magazine he listed precisely six things he was far too cool for, including, believe it or not, LA Fashion Week. The Cut's transcription: "They do LA Fashion Week, which is incredibly arrogant and demanding. I mean, these editors have been all over the globe for a couple of weeks [for Fashion Month] and then LA is saying 'Okay, now you have to come here.' Please, I mean, get off your ass and go to Europe. I mean, that's what I did and you just have to go where you have to go ... [W]hy do they have to be a fashion capital? They're the movie capital of the world and they've always been that, can't they just be satisfied with that?" [Hint, The Cut]