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Welcome Hunters' New Den: Three Intriguing Details

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In these tough shopkeeping times, Chinatown's Welcome Hunters is an anomaly. Not only are they not folding, like many of their less fortunate brethren, but they're actually expanding. Owners Robin Cervar and Jason Gillis are putting the finishing touches on a bigger, two-story space in Chinatown, just next door to their rotating pop-up venue, Choose Chinatown. Even though the new boutique is officially open for business, we've got the scoop on a few more developments that will take shape over the coming weeks:

1. The top floor will include a special project space dedicated to Welcome Hunters' roster of experimental designers. First up is Finland's Daniel Palillo, who will take up residency in the space for a month in May. He'll use it as his workroom and as a showcase for a special installation, and is also planning an event in conjunction with Mustache Mondays.

2. The main shop floor's walls may be blank right now, but Cervar and Gillis' artist friends, like Providence-based Ben Jones, will soon be putting their fluoro-hued stamps on them.

3. To celebrate the relocation (and clear out all of last season's merchandise), the shop is holding a spring cleaning sale. From now through Monday, April 20, the project space will be filled with $25, $50 and $100 racks. The deals are only available in-store, so there's no excuse not to stop by and say congratulations.