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Launches & Releases: Social Workout Warms Up

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Social Workout—motto: "Radically anti-sedentary"—was just launched by one of the founders of Apartment Therapy, and it aims to do for fitness what that did for home decorating. From their "Heartfelt statement of purpose":

We can't actually wake you up at 6:30am (yet), but we can guide you to an emergency spinning class on Saturday afternoon, and pass along intel about life saving personal trainers and/or surf-yoga retreats in Costa Rica. We might even be able to find you a workout buddy, or bring you together with the cutie on the elliptical.
They're also providing a much-needed alternative to the deadly serious tone of most fitness magazines, as demonstrated by posts like "Best Equinox Group Fitness Class Names of All Time." ("Lamest pun involving a TV Sitcom: WILLPOWER AND GRACE.")
· Social Workout [Official Site]