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Toms' Adorable Do-Gooder Shoes, Now With Laces!

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Image via <a href="">All the Rage</a>
Image via All the Rage

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Santa Monica's Toms Shoes makes cute little unisex espadrilles, and for every pair sold, they donate another pair to a needy child. Unless you're opposed to cuteness and well-shod children, it's hard not to love them. But we do think that their delicate slip-ons can look a little insubstantial (especially on men), so we're very excited to see that the company will make the next step in shoe technology this fall. That's right, we're talking about laces—or at least lace-holes. According to All the Rage, Toms' fall collection includes oxfords with grommets. They can be laced, but there's also a strip of elastic on the inside that lets them act as slip-ons. Either way, they're just a smidge tougher than the espadrilles, and it's all the smidge we need.
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