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Urban Decay Lip Gloss, Now with Wee Undressed Man!

Images via <a href="">Musings of a Muse</a>
Images via Musings of a Muse

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Finally, finally, someone has adapted novelty-pin-up-pen technology for the modern woman's makeup kit. You know the type of pen we're talking about here: There's a lady on it, and when you shake the pen, she loses her outer garments. The same principle applies to Urban Decay's new Pocket Rocket gloss, each of which comes with a picture of a different real-life guy, like Kirk the enviro-activist or Jesse the rock-club owner. Flick your wrist, and suddenly your new friend Kirk or Jesse isn't wearing pants. Completionists, take note: On the other side of the gloss is a back view.

Oh, and there's also a built-in pheromone compartment that supposedly releases sexy hormones, just in case Kirk isn't doing it for you. If anyone's ever invented a better bachelorette party favor, we have yet to hear about it.
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