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Label Stop Staring Might Step Into the Limelight with a Flagship Store

Images via <a href="">LAist</a>
Images via LAist

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LAist interviews Alicia Estrada, the designer behind vintage-inspired label Stop Staring! How did she pick that brash-yet-coy name?

In my punk college days, I was literally making skirts out of shower curtains and everyone was always staring at me. I loved the attention, so one day I got the idea to write "Stop Staring!" on the back of my skirt with a black sharpie in punk rock letters. At that point, I couldn't even imagine starting a clothing line, but I would joke that if it did happen, I would name it Stop Staring! I remember hanging out with Sublime and going to No Doubt shows when they would play in the coffee house on campus. I remember the No Doubt guys yelled "Stop Staring!" one day when I walked by them in my skirt.
Ah, the nineties. Vintage enthusiasts will be glad to know that Estrada is thinking of expanding her South Broadway showroom into a full-fledged flagship, although she's got no concrete plans quite yet.
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