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LA Fashion Week: Joyrich Takes Us Back to the Old School

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The Location: COLA Fashion Week at the Lady Liberty Building

The Skinny: This season, Joyrich presented a mash-up of high fashion and streetwear, as seen through a '90s-tinted lens. Takeoffs on luxury brand logos were plastered over hoodies and leggings, while men sported oversized patent murses with their equally shiny high-tops.

The Crowd: One full of loyal, camera-toting fans- note our shot of the opposing front row, in which just about every guest was snapping photos throughout the show.

The Takeaway: According to Joyrich's show notes, this collection was designed to "pay homage to those that came before us," from luxury brands to street fashion. This idea worked best when it was given a tongue-in-cheek twist, like a graphic print derived from Chanel perfume logos. But at times, the appropriation seemed too literal, like with a sweatshirt that very closely resembled Louis Vuitton's signature Damier check. We also saw more than a few examples of the acid wash trend spotted at BOXEight, but with a soundtrack of old-school hip hop as its backdrop, we think most of the audience was too overcome with nostalgia to protest.

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