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Lineblogging: Marc, YSL Flying Off the Racks at Erin Wasson's Garage Sale

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As we speak, a supermodel is selling the contents of her closet—Balenciaga, Givenchy, Chanel—for under $100 a pop out of her boyfriend's store in Venice. Only once in a very great while do the planets align to produce such an event, and when they do, it's our solemn duty to liveblog the scene. Stay tuned as the updates come pouring in...

10:53am: Just got here—parking was horrendous. Spend 20 minutes trying to find a spot. There are about twenty people in line.

10:55am: Going in! That was quick.

10:57am: It's totally mobbed in here. The rack of clothes is already almost empty. There's a five-item limit per person. I see a Marc Jacobs skirt for $40, YSL jeans for $50, lots of random tees.

11:18am: The rack is filling back up as people try things on: A pair of Marc Jacobs pants for $40, Hussein Chalayan shirtdress for $40...Girls are getting territorial—don't even think of taking anything from a random pile.

11:33am: These pants are so tiny! But sizes go up to about 6.

11:50am: Place is pretty much cleaned out. We found a Givenchy capelet for $50 and are leaving happy.