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LA Fashion Week: Flying Fake Nails Meet Scandinavian Simplicity at Eksempel

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The Location: COLA Fashion Week at the Lady Liberty Building

The Skinny: The final event in the LA Fashion Week hodgepodge is COLA (that stands for City of Los Angeles, although it hasn't actually been endorsed by the city - hence the acronym). At first, we were kind of confused as to why they would choose to open the show with Eksempel, a label that's not actually from LA, but from Denmark. Further investigation revealed it's because their US showroom is based here.

Celebs Spotted: According to a press release issued by the organizers, COLA does not consider celebrities and champagne-drenched afterparties to be key elements of Fashion Week. Instead, "we focus on press recognition, buyer attention, and the showcasing of innovative design." Sounds good to us, but that means this category is going to be pretty dull for the next few posts.

The Takeaway: Despite Eksempel's faraway origins, we felt like any of the pieces from this collection would be a welcome addition to an LA girl's winter wardrobe. Our picks included silk kaftans with voluminous sleeves in shades of cranberry and azure, draped vests that looked like they were made from the thinnest of black leather, and panelled leggings that zipped diagonally around the legs. Less impressive were the models' fake nails, several of which popped off into the crowd during their more strenuous poses.

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