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This Weekend, "Twilight" Comes to Kitson

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Speaking of Kitson, if you're the sort who's less into neon denim and more into anguished vampire love, then you might want to skip the pop-up shop this weekend and head instead to the Robertson store. From 2pm to 4pm Saturday, tweens, romantics, and the unnaturally pale can partake in a "Twilight" DVD launch party featuring—get excited—special, limited-edition Kitson-brand Twilight apparel.

Sadly, since the Twilight kids are relatively normal teenagers, the clothing isn't going to involve any crazy gothic embellishments (we were sort of hoping for capes, but we guess that's more Harry Potter.) Instead, All the Rage tells us to expect "thermals, tunic tops and hoodies with graphics from the film." We do hear a rumor that certain actors from the film will be there, though, and while we can't promise that you'll get to see Robert Pattinson's famous forehead in person, you'll certainly increase your chances by clicking over the Kitson site and buying tickets to the event at (sorry) $75 a pop.
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