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Karl's Life is Now Fulfilled; He Has His Own Ken Doll

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At this week's opening of the Barbie 50th Anniversary exhibit and shop-in-a-shop at Colette in Paris, Karl Lagerfeld dropped by to pose with designer Jeremy Scott and Colette head Sarah Lerfel. Why do those two look so sullen, you ask? It's because only Karl got a Ken doll, complete with matching black suit, high white collar, white ponytail, silver leather gloves, and an "I am too cool, n'est pas?" attitude.

Sadly, it looks like this is a one-of-a-kind piece, due to sit amongst Karl's other tchotchkes until someone eventually wins it for a ridiculous price at a posthumous auction. Maybe it's better if it remains only in Karl's hands, come to think of it, as we'd probably just cut its hair, lose its accessories and make it assume lewd positions with the Goyard Barbie.
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