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Rachel Zoe Sells Her Jewelry at DecadesTwo; We Die

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Let's talk about this Rachel Zoe jewelry sale, shall we? Earlier this month, we noted a Fashion Rules post titled "Rachel Zoe’s Selling Her Jewelry!!!!!?????" The four exclamation points came from the news that Zoe, arguably the country's most famous stylist, would be hosting a jewelry sale at DecadesTwo. The five question marks were about the provenance of the jewelry: Was Zoe really going to part with any of her accessories?

As it turns out: Yes, as a matter of fact she is. Next Thursday, March 26, DecadesTwo will let a select group of shoppers pick their way through Zoe's stash at a private in-store event. "You can’t go unless you’re invited," Fashionista explains. But! "Jewelry that makes it past the first night will end up on and on the store’s eBay page the very next day." So even if you're not invited, you can sift though her cast-offs in the privacy of your own home.
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