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LA Fashion Week: Battalion's Wild West, Minus Cows

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The Location: BOXEight Fashion Week at the Los Angeles Theatre
The Skinny: Sisters Chrys and Linda Wong have turned the idea of dull eco-fashion on its head, thanks to their edgy, of-the-moment silhouettes and attention to detail. They spent their childhood moving around the country, and this season, they channeled that experience into a collection titled "The New World," inspired by Native American motifs, French military garb, an frontier adventurer's gear, and the Libertine movement.
Celebs Spotted: Actress Lorielle New, who has been a suspiciously high-cheekboned fixture at all the shows this week. You might remember her as the "Werewolf Woman" from Grindhouse, and she's set to appear as "Postal Babe" in the highly anticipated Postal III.
The Takeaway: This season, the Wongs incorporated veggie leather and fur into their collection for the first time. We wouldn't have mistaken it for the real thing, but a shearling-lined vest and motorcycle jacket were covetable all the same. Other highlights included a series of knotted and fringed tees, and a pair of cargo leggings, with pockets strategically placed so as not to add any extra bulk. We were less convinced by the bondage looks at the end, since the shredded black tees and faux leather leggings seemed out of step with the rest of the collection. Overall, a formidable effort as eco-fashion goes, without a dull beige maxidress in sight.
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