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LA Fashion Week: Maxine Dillon's Deco Safari

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The Location: BOXEight Fashion Week at the Los Angeles Theatre
The Skinny: Out of all the BOXEight designers showing this weekend, Maxine Dillon's pieces are the ones we'd most want for ourselves. The Gen Art Fresh Faces alum designs all of her own prints and develops a custom color palette for each collection, mixing it all in with a series of urban safari jackets, shorts and skinny pants.
Celebs Spotted: Get ready for the sighting of the weekend, folks: None other than Carlos Ramirez, the twin brother of Efran, aka Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. We tried really hard to track him down for an interview afterwards (mostly because we thought he was his brother), but he seemed to have mystically disappeared into the ether of massive gold chains from whence he came.
The Takeaway: Dillon trades in simple, yet striking silhouettes, rich, yet easy-to-wear fabrics, and little details that add an element of surprise to each look (e.g. metallic piping on a cropped khaki jacket, a knotted belt to offset a simple black silk tunic). And really, isn't that what the best LA fashion is all about?
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