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LA Fashion Week: Yotam Solomon's Conceptual Cocktail Dresses

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The Location: BOXEight Fashion Week at the Los Angeles Theater
The Skinny: Solomon's fourth season of ready to wear and footwear drew inspiration for colors and silhouettes from all things aquatic—coral, waves, and oceanic inhabitants. He works mostly with silks and cottons, as well as some "conceptual fabrics."
Celebrities Spotted: No dice. Unless you count a woman in a look-at-me hat who Wire Image tells us is Norielle New, who IMDB tells us was Michelle Pfeiffer's body double in Up Close & Personal.
The Takeaway: The bulk of the collection was cocktail dresses, mostly black and neutral colors with some splashes of lavender and electric blue. Soloman's basic silhouette remained consistent while each garment was given its identity with flowy details such as long open sleeves. Like many designers releasing bondage inspired get-ups, Soloman snuck in a few pieces that seemed to tastefully hint at restraint. But a black slinky dress with a jelly fish-looking train drove us absolutely bananas. Is there any good reason why we can see the model's flesh-colored thong through the fabric?
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