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LA Fashion Week: Sjobeck's Casualwear Was Inspired by Designer's Grandpa, Native Americans

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The Location: BOXeight Fashion Week at the Los Angeles Theater
The Skinny: Knit and denim casualwear for men and women inspired by the designer's grandpa, the most adorable old man you've ever seen. The line opts to stay 100% American made and drew an avalanche of inspiration from Native American heritage.
Celebrities Spotted: None we saw, but it was dark in there.
The Takeaway: Sjobeck worked in subtle details, like feathers and fringe, to make its laid back casual wear reminiscent of indigenous North Americans. Nothing was overdone. Everything was completely wearable. Some of the plaid pieces seemed more hipster than home on the range, but there's still a big market for that in L.A. And the crowd lost its shit when a white high-waisted dress with plaid strapless top came strutting down the runway. The entire collection was extremely well received, but the menswear felt a little stale in comparison to the fun that was had with the women's.
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