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LA Fashion Week: Smoke & Mirrors' Pretty Prints

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The Location: BOXEight Fashion Week at the Los Angeles Theatre
The Skinny: Smoke & Mirrors' pretty prints and retro silhouettes are a favorite of boutiques all over town - you've probably seen them at Petro Zillia, Sirens & Sailors, EM & Co, and Madley, among lots of others. If not, then you may recognize designer Emily Brandle from her appearance on last summer's Project Runway.
Celebrities Spotted: None that we could recognize, but there were a LOT of babies and children
The Takeaway: We didn't love a series of brown plaids in the beginning, but the collection became more colorful as it went along, erupting in bright green blouses and mosaic-patterned skirts at the finale. These are really sweet pieces that real women would actually want to wear, so it's kind of unfortunate that, up against all the flash on the other BOXEight runways, the line seemed a little boring in comparison. A different setting would have done it more justice.

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