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LA Fashion Week: Man Skirts at martinMARTIN

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The Location: BOXEight Fashion Week at the Los Angeles Theatre
The Skinny: A veteran player on the LA Fashion Week circuit, martinMARTIN is one of the city's more introspective design outfits. Their work combines pieces of Italian, American and Japanese design, but it was the last one that was most evident last night.
Celebs Spotted: Again, none that we could recognize. But we have a feeling these designers weren't exactly trying to wrangle any.
The Takeaway: This season's collection toed the line between industrial and handmade. Menswear included lots of distressed leather and coated shirts and jeans, including one set that looked like it was made from molten steel. The womenswear was softer, incorporating dainty black lace and holey, lace-effect boiled wool , while raw-edged hems and organic draping amplified the handiwork and artistry behind the collection. As for the parade of long man skirts at the show's end , we're still undecided. Sure, they may work for Marc Jacobs, but we have a feeling LA isn't quite there yet.

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