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Fashion Week, Recession-Style: Bring Your Own Water

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Note the lonely bartenders

We're used to hearing a lot of grumbling at LA Fashion Week, but this year's BOXEight festivities have sparked a new complaint—lack of an open bar. Now, we understand that we're in the midst of a recession, drink sponsors are fewer and further between, and that our purpose for being here is not to drink bottomless martinis infused with trendy fruit juices. But a long day of supporting our local designers is just so much easier to endure with, at the very least, a bottle of water at the ready—one that doesn't cost $5.

The photo above was taken at around 5pm on Saturday night—yes, the bar did become more crowded as the night wore on, but at Fashion Weeks of yesteryear, the line would have been about six deep by then. Our solution? Don't forget your Sigg, and if you really can't get through the day without some free champagne, make friends with someone who has a backstage pass.

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