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LA Fashion Week: Skin Graft's Biker Baroque Spectacle

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The Setting: BOXEight Fashion Week at the Los Angeles Theatre
The Skinny: Aside from the icky-sounding name, we weren't sure what to think of this label when we learned that its inspirations include "neo-Victorian royalty and overly tarnished motorcycles smashing into each other at high speeds." But our suspicions were unfounded, as this ended up being the most well-received show of the night (check our LAFW Twitter box for proof).
Celebs Spotted: Finally! A face we recognized! Margaret Cho, looking hot in one of the label's leather harnesses.
The Takeaway: After an opening dance performance, we quickly realized that the description above wasn't just the usual designer drivel. The level of detail and craftsmanship was like nothing we'd seen all night—steely grey leather jackets were given tails and armor detailing, pants were a cross between breeches and motorcycle gear, and leather corsets and studding set off a series of theatrical evening gowns, all tulle and ruffles and feathers. And who, you may ask, would wear this kind of thing? Well, for starters, we could definitely picture the green feathered minidress on someone like Rhianna, while the more theatrical pieces would be perfect on the right movie set.

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