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Playing With Dolls

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It's unclear if the McQ Alexander McQueen for Target campaign, in which bobble-headed Blythe dolls model the designer's cheap-chic creations for the retail chain, is just a clever money-saving scheme or the work of an in-house dollaholic. Whatever the cause, we're feeling the result. But not as much as exceedingly upbeat blogger Nitrolicious, who writes: "Blythe is looking extra fabulous in the McQ Alexander McQueen for Target collection, I can’t wait to see the official photoshoot- its going to be amazing! Don’t we all wish we’re Blythe at the moment, I know I do! Blythe is looking damn fierce and stylin’!" Those who are equally doll crazy can click through for three pages of photos. [Nitrolicious; All McQ for Target Coverage]