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Storecasting: Gentlemen of West Hollywood, Get Ready for the SocialPrimer

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The SocialPrimer is the Emily Post of blogs, if Emily Post were young and male and stylish. Blogger SP's goal is to "instill civility into an uncivilized world," but he also sells correspondence cards—perfect for gentlemanly communication. Starting tomorrow, February 7, he'll bring his exquisite manners and fine-tuned taste to organic flower shop Lily Lodge, at 644 North Robertson Blvd, in the form of a store within the store.

Because good manners mean making everyone feel included, there's a wide range of price points—it'll be the sort of place where a $35 retro Timex sits next to a $2000 vintage Rolex. Blog Fashion Rules! describes the other sorts of items a well-raised young man might be able to purchase there: "Note cards, soaps, vintage silver, cocktail napkins, playing cards." Of course, if you find something good, we're sure he'd appreciate a thank-you note.
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