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Lineblogging: The Barneys Warehouse Sale Takes Off

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Today begins the semi-annual Barneys Warehouse Sale, along with two weeks of debate about whether it's really worth the hassle of fighting with hundreds of clothing-crazed shoppers over discounts that—let's be honest—are just as easy to find online. One thing that's not up for debate, though: The chaos that inevitable surrounds the sale. We sent a special Racked correspondent to the Santa Monica airport to report on the first-day madness. Stay tuned for constant updates as the morning unfolds.

7:19am: I'm here! About 25 people in line already, all clutching massive coffees—wish I'd thought of that.

7:36am: Surprisingly close ratio of guys to girls. Would not have thought boys would be bothered to get here this early. Granted, most of them are with girls...

7:42am: Very small parking lot appears to be full. I think they're now filling the equally small lot across the street. Be prepared to hike—I'm not sure where the next closest one is.

7:55am: And we're in! Tip from linemate: Hit the shoes first.

7:59am: Oh man. Everyone seems primed to raid shoes and bags first.

Our correspondent's adventures continue, this way