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Dear Moviegoers: The Grove Is Just Not That Into You

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How does the Grove retain its status as LA's favorite mall? By playing hard to get, of course. Yesterday the mall toyed with the hearts of chick-flick fans by accidentally inviting too many people to a screening of He's Just Not That Into You. When the overflow showed up for movie, they got a gentle "It's not you, it's us." Then came the follow-up email leading everyone on:

Due to technical difficulties, we unwittingly sent out more invitations than we had capacity for, and unfortunately were unable to accommodate all requests for the event.
We deeply apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused you, and sincerely hope we are allowed another opportunity to provide you with exceptional entertainment, value, and service. To all our guests who will be attending the event, we sincerely hope you have a most memorable and enjoyable experience.
Say it with us: If the mall overbooks you for a movie date, it might just not be that into you.
· The Grove [Official Site]

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