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Barneys Warehouse Sale Strategy: What to Buy ASAP

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Five minutes ago, there were handbags in here

If you've been scared off by our reports of stroller gridlock and mile-long checkout lines at the Barneys Warehouse Sale...well, we don't blame you. But for those of a stronger constitution, we've summed up the lessons we learned during our early-morning odyssey, in hopes that you won't come away disappointed. Here's what you should look for immediately; stay tuned for markdown-worthy items and a list of what to skip entirely.

Go now for:
1.) The menswear. The guys definitely have an advantage at this sale, with table upon table of sweaters and dress shirts, spinning racks filled to capacity with Gucci and Brioni ties, and about five or six racks of designer suits that were barely being touched.

2.) Women's shoes. The bargains here aren't that great (nothing under $300) but we have a feeling the backstock is going to go quickly—there were women in the checkout line with mountains of boxes, mostly from Lanvin and Christian Louboutin.

3.) Women's jeans. Good selection of brands, washes and styles, prices middling out around $75.
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