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In the Window: James Perse Gets Political (Wait, Make That Personal)

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Patriotic window installations haven't been too hard to come by since the inauguration, but we were a little surprised to see James Perse turning to local politics with this statement on his Canon Drive storefront.

At first, we figured that this display of adoration for Beverly Hills City Council member Linda Briskman was down to her record of support for the area's retail interests. In a recent interview with the Beverly Hills Community News Project, the 30-year apparel industry veteran said:

We are at a critical point in the city's history...I know there are reports of 8-10 percent [declines in retail value] but I walk the streets and talk to the retailers and I know that while department stores may have created and raised the cash to pay the rent and keep the lights on, they did it at the expense of our smaller, unique boutiques.
But further digging revealed that a couple of years ago, at least, Perse was engaged to Briskman's eldest daughter, Brandi. If all went to plan, that would make the councilwoman his mother-in-law right about now. Not that we think that has anything to do with it...
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