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Mad Men: Now In Couch Form

Image via <a href="http://www.cb2.com/family.aspx?c=102&amp;f=5056&amp;q=draper&amp;fromLocation=Search&amp;DIMID=400001&amp;SearchPage=1">CB2</a>
Image via CB2

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We're not in love with CB2's new Draper sofa pictured above —it's got a nice clean midcentury shape, but the fabric seems a little garish to our taste. However, we love that CB2 named a sofa after caddish fictional ad man Don Draper because it's about time a company selling something other than clothing jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon. We also love that the bloggers at Fashion Binge appear to have gotten a little distracted while trying to explain what they like about the divan:

All that's missing is a cigarette and beautiful, beautiful Jon Hamm. Speaking of Jon Hamm, I wouldn't mind nerding it up and engaging in some fan-fic role playing wherein I get to "be Joan Holloway," and get gangsta 10 ways from Sunday with Don Draper on said "Draper" couch. If ah may be so bold.
Wait, are we still talking about the couch? Anyway, it also comes in a much more subtle beige for people like us who aren't so wild about the stripes.
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