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On Site: Gossip Girls, Rich British Hippies at Anna Sui

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The first thing we noticed upon entering the Anna Sui show at the Tent last night was red-haired model Coco Rocha, who's been traipsing around Bryant Park with an E! crew in tow because she's doing a show for the network. We're aware that this isn't groundbreaking news here, but holy cow is that woman beautiful—we took about twenty photos, all of which turned out as grey blobs. We did manage to snap a shot of her interviewing Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr, though, and, later, caught a glimpse of her conversation with Szohr's castmate Taylor Momsen, who has clearly done to her head exactly what our moms wouldn't let us do when we were fifteen and flirting with bleach.

To a soundtrack of French pop and Blondie, Anna Sui sent out model after model in vaguely Russian, vaguely medieval print dresses. Everything was flounced, ruffled, or beaded, up to and including the models' feathered hats and elaborate headdresses. The cumulative effect was very rich hippie, but not in a California-sunshine-Rachel-Zoe kind of way—more like rich hippies in a cold, damp climate who need all those ruffles to keep them warm. (Put another way: Free People will probably rip off the entire collection post haste.) Surprising for Anna Sui? Not so much. Lovely and wearable? Definitely.