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(Still) On the Block: Pull My Daisy in Sunset Junction

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As a tipster recently noted, Pull My Daisy—bastion of Silver Lake's shopping scene for the past eight years—is seeking new ownership. Yesterday, we noticed For Sale signs were still in the window, so we stopped to chat with current owner Sarah Dale to learn more about the offer. "The past year has been really transitional for us," she explains. "I got married, my partner [Rick Saloomey] had a baby, and Bingo died. We just feel like it's the right time to move on to a new phase in our lives."

Aside from the infamous Scott Baio portrait and Bingo memorabilia, Dale and Saloomey's successor will inherit the store in its entirety, from the merchandise to the fixtures to its fiercely loyal customer base. "Silver Lake is doing alright, despite the recession," notes Dale. "There's such a strong community spirit here, and everyone is making a conscious effort to feed the local economy."

So what's it take to nab one of the most prime gigs in Sunset Junction? "We want to find someone who gets the neighborhood and the store, but who has their own vision and can take Pull My Daisy to the next level," says Dale. "Ultimately, we're just looking for the right heart and spirit. I really do believe the store will carry on and thrive." Those who have a genuine interest can email Sarah Dale.
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