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First Impressions: Marc Jacobs

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Reviews of Marc Jacobs, the show of shows, started rolling in mere hours after it ended last night. The man wasn't subtle about the eighties thing: there was crazy Flock-of-Seagulls hair, Grace Jones-esque eye makeup and shoulder pads that any Working Girl would die for. We thought what he showed in September was one of the prettiest, most breathtaking collections we've ever seen; this one was notable, but we just didn't love it. Forget about us, though: What did everyone else think?

1.) New York Magazine: "Jacobs is at his best when he mixes and layers his references, which he didn't much do tonight. But he did make the eighties fresh, with looks like the pleat-front, high-waisted jeans that he kept miraculously narrow and paired with a simple, round-necked black silk top. It'll do while we wait for the good times again."

2.) On The Runway: "Juergen Teller is going to have fun shooting this collection. So New York in the old freewheeling, non-branded times sense. Jacobs said backstage he can’t fix the economy, so he might as well have a good time. The collection, in all its bad-girl, wet-dream vividness, recalls Jacobs’ early career. The models scarcely looked themselves tonight; more like dolls. All bubbly."

3.) Heard on the Runway: "With vividly out-of-the-tube colors, space-age metallics and huge shoulders that could blast a person to the moon, the collection harkened to David Bowie’s androgynous Major Tom years. There was little sense of being practical for the recession – a theme that has been apparent in other collections. And there were no nods to fashion’s new first lady, Michelle Obama. Mr. Jacobs, as usually, expects to lead the way in a direction that no one else is going. Fashions shows are intended to be fantasy. He started to bring back the 80s a year ago, and now he has taken it to the hilt."

4.) AP: "Marc Jacobs' punk princess was the prom queen with a rebellious streak, the one who wears oversized cardigan with zipper details and a series of tight pencil skirts. She has a few outfits with sexy cutouts and a black, slashed dress that allows flashes of pink and green to peek through. And, of course, she has the biggest shoulder pads of the week. Jacobs is considered to be one of the most influential designers in New York, if not the most influential, so be ready for copycat satin party dresses in hot pink, purple, blue and green in every mall later this year."

Marc Jacobs

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