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Above the Fray: The Full Report on Mike & Chris

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To avoid waiting in this mammoth line, bring cash.

We braved the I-5 during rush hour to check out the Mike & Chris sample sale, which opens today at the brand's warehouse in Commerce. And judging by the checkout line when we left, which was stretching the entire length of the space, our fellow bargain-hunters seemed to think it was worth the road trip.

The Scene: Congenial chaos—shoppers were taking over entire aisles of the warehouse to change, while making polite conversation with their neighbors. Be sure to scour the entire room, as we found some great pieces hidden away in unlikely places.

Best Bargains: The brand's signature fleece jackets and haute hoodies, marked down to $75; cropped, short-sleeved and men's leather jackets, starting at $250; silk dresses and shirts, all priced at $65

Don't Bet On: Long-sleeved leather jackets for women—they had been pretty much ravaged by 10:30am, although a staffer did say there was a chance there'd be another shipment before the sale's end.

Insider Tip: Bring lots of cash—you won't have to wait in line or pay sales tax.
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