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Armani Encourages Safe Sex, Causes O.C. Scandal with a Window Full of Condoms

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Shield your eyes, children! Image via the OC Register

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The Armani Exchange store at the Shops at Mission Viejo is in hot water over a Valentine's day window display made of condoms arranged into a heart. It sounds innocuous to us, but then, we're not conservative Orange County parents, some of whom have been calling the mall to complain. (Our favorite critique, from the OC Register's comments section: "It's not multiple partners day, it's Valentine's Day." Seriously! Multiple Partners Day isn't until March, and anyway, it's really just a holiday Hallmark invented to sell more "#1 Booty Call" mugs.)

So far the store hasn't caved—unlike a branch in Michigan, which just took their display down—but this story is still developing. By the way, do note that the condoms are still in the packaging, meaning the display is about as licentious as that well-known locus of corruption, the Trojan section at CVS.
· Condoms get no Valentine's Day love from shoppers [OC Register]