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Michelle Obama Makes Vogue

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As was rumored, first lady Michelle Obama will grace the cover of Vogue. Annie Leibovitz took the cover photo, in which Michelle is, scandalously, draped in only a white sheet. Kidding—she was shot wearing a magenta Jason Wu dress. More info, from the Washington Post: "Inside, a photograph shows her in a black dress by designer Narciso Rodriguez. She is standing in front of open French doors. Outside is Lafayette Park and in the distance you can barely see the White House, the seat of power. Behind her are the props of her profession: a laptop, a cup of coffee or more likely tea. A notepad, pen. A folded newspaper. She is tethered to work by an old-fashioned telephone, the spiral cord stretched, the receiver at her right ear. She is not talking. She is either listening or on hold." [Washington Post]