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At Least Look Cute While Acting Self-Important

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Everybody knows That Guy or That Girl. The one that runs around with a standard Bluetooth headset fused into their eardrum, as if at any moment the most important phone call of the century could come through and they just have to be available to take it. Nobody wants to be that person.

But there are times where hands-free phone calls are the greatest invention ever. Which makes a wireless headset a growing necessity in today's world. So we actually sat up and took notice of TheFirstOne from Novero because... well, it actually looks cute. It's small and sleek and iWhiteandchrome colored. And it doesn't sacrifice function for fashion, meaning it actually works without any of those awkward "why do you sound like you're yelling at me from across the room?" conversations.

It comes with a clip and necklace holder so you don't have to walk around with the headset stuck in your ear if you're not using it. Although we're not sure how cool you'll look wearing a headset around your neck, it does mean you don't have to look like an investment banker all the time, and we're one step closer to coordinating tech accessories with our daily outfits.

Too bad Novero can't fix that whole "OMG is that crazy lady on a phone call or just talking to herself" thing.
· Novero [Official Site]