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Thomas Wylde: Not as Cheap as Hoped, but Still Some Good Deals

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When we heard there were going to be accessories "as low as $10" at the Thomas Wylde sample sale, we just had to check it out. And we did. Well, once we finally found it... the sale is actually in the building at the corner of Hayden and Higuera, which we're not sure still qualifies as being the published address of 8538 Warner Drive. Inside, the stark white walls smelled faintly of fresh paint and made it really difficult to take decent photos, so we apologize for that. But we braved the fumes because we love you to pick through the racks and find dresses for $150 to $200, wool coats for $600, wool blazers for $350, droopy crotch pants for $280, ephemeral tanks for $120, leather pants for $500, purple pleather pants for $50 and studded/brocade jeans for $40-$85.

On the accessories tables we found the heaviest studded luggage tags ever for $30, clutches for $150, boots and sandals for $300 to $350, belts for $80 and handbags for $300 to $500. The cheapest accessories were the bins of silky skull scarves for $20. Head over before 7pm tonight to get your piece of the predominantly white and black rocker clothes.
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