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Now Open: Echo Country Outpost is Like a Magical Place in the Woods. Of Echo Park.

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For the past few days of its young life, we kept driving by the Echo Country Outpost—looking into its windows at twilight, seeing flickering lights and dancing shadows, wondering what it could be. We finally checked into the mystery on Wednesday night.

Echo Country Outpost aims to offer a much-needed respite from city life, by creating the kind of community gathering space that doesn't really exist anymore. It's a little bit country store (check out the cute moccasins and satchels, plus art and assorted treasures), a little bit lodge. There is art on the walls and an installation altar; but really, you could consider the entire shop one big piece of art. They've created a space that feels like sitting around a campfire, telling stories with old friends (minus the campfire, of course).

Since they're only a few days old, they're still playing with and developing ideas: they'll eventually have a book and video loan library that will be cozy enough so you can literally curl up with a book. They'll have entertainment and exhibits. This seems like the kind of place that when it's ten years old, it will still be a work in progress: changing, growing, evolving, reinventing. They're having a holiday brunch event this weekend: check it out, and and we can virtually guarantee you that you'll find something magical.
· Echo Country Outpost [Official Site]

1930 Echo Park Avenue, Echo Park, CA 90026