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Five Fashion Trends We Hope Stay in the '00s

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With the dawning of a new decade, there are more than a few trends we are more than happy to leave buried in the last one. And completely deny they existed if ever asked in the future.

1. "But they're SOOOOO comfortable" shoes:
Crocs, Uggs, and other abominations strapped to our feet in the name of comfort. You know what else is comfortable? Cole Haan flats. Check 'em out.

2. Taking casual chic beyond the limit: Jeans replaced black pants in many nightclubs and offices, which is okay with us. What's not okay is taking it to the next level with track suits and sweatpants, especially with writing across the butt, as trendy daytime wear. No, you don't get bonus points for matching your sweatshirt to your pants, and rhinestones and brand names don't make either of them acceptable in public.

3. Paying $300 for jeans: At some point in the last 10 years we decided that we had so much disposable income that paying hundreds of dollars for one pair of magical jeans was totally okay. Oh, those were the days.

4. Muffin tops and whale tails: We admit, muffin tops were never actually cool in anyone's eyes, but showing off the cutesy thong sticking out of ridiculously low-rise jeans was an actual thing. Or flashing a tramp stamp on your lower back. Hopefully we have all learned our lessons in hindsight about stealing trends from Britney Spears.

5. The multihyphenate multitasker: Apparently, being rich and famous because you're a well-known celebrity is not enough. (Especially for those who are rich and famous for little or no reason.) Does the world need not one, but possibly two or three lines of clothing designed by people from The Hills? Do we really want to hear Lindsay Lohan or Leighton Meester "sing"? And honestly, why would anyone want to smell like Britney Spears or Donald Trump?

We know there's more... what trend would you personally like to see buried in the past decade?