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Carlos Falchi Now In Small, Medium and Large Expensive?

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Carlos Falchi is best known for his super-pricey exotic-skinned masterpieces?and also known for a heinous diffusion line at Target. So what's up with the cheap(ish) collection that's showing up at Neiman Marcus and Saks? Saks offers a microfiber version of the oddly-shaped crossbody that grossed us out when we first saw it at Target, and Neiman Marcus has a few microfiber totes, as well as a python-skin crossbody (at 6"H x 5 3/4"W x 2 1/2"D, it's the size of a glorified coin-purse). It must be said that we think the silver microfiber bag is cute, but we're not sure why CFalch is suddenly trying to be all things to all pricepoints. According to a recent NYT article, his company generates $100 million in retail sales?which sounds like a lot, but they're shooting for $250 million. [Saks, NYT]

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