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Rodarte For Target Belt Has An Awful Lot In Common With Sonia Kashuk Duffle Bag

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Finally, FINALLY, one of the accessories from the Rodarte For Target line surfaced: a single belt at the Target on Santa Monica and La Brea. And by single, we mean it was the ONLY ONE. We reflexively snapped it up and examined the quality at home. We were completely unimpressed. It's a flimsy, one-size-fits-all adjustable deal. Honestly, it looks like the kind of thing some nerdy junior in high school would get for his prom, rented from a formal wear shop called Friar Tux. We were so completely unimpressed by the belt that we completely forgot about it, until today when we were in the cosmetics section of another Target and stumbled upon a Sonia Kashuk duffle bag. Wow. In terms of how the material looks and feels, it's a dead ringer for the Rodarte belt. Which, of course, is supposed to look like the Rodarte hoodie. Is this just random coincidence, great minds thinking alike, or something else? Could it be possible that the Mulleavy sisters were tasked with making use of remnants stockpiled by Target? What's the deal?
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