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Born Under a Neon Sign: Virgo

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Virgo is a well-pedigreed women's and men's apparel boutique that just opened Downtown last Friday. It's owned by Boos & Besito creators Alejandra Hernandez and Rana Shoar; they've made a super-fun space with neon signs on the walls, a comfy chaise lounge, exotic photos, chrome-plated guns, and stacks of old girly magazines. During Friday's grand opening party, guests flaunted their best vintage gear as they sipped on champagne and nibbled on homemade cookies, which were out of this world. Seriously, they should be selling those at the shop, too. We browsed the store's inventory, all hand-picked by Shoar and Hernandez, and noticed that there was a definite late 80s and 90s vibe. Lots of flannel shirts, women's boots, scruffy work boots, dresses, and even an upcycled vintage line called SD Loves Vintage. As for the accessories, we couldn't help but love the Jesus and Mary watch and the bling bling sunglasses that were dripping with gold studs. The clothing is priced right: almost all of it is $10-$85, except for the leather motorcycle jackets. For those bad boys, you will have to fork over a Benjamin and some change. But considering how cool you'll look, it's well worth the money. (Yolanda Evans)
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216 East 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA