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Gifts Under $50 You Didn't Even Know You Wanted To Buy

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If every person is special, shouldn't every gift be unique, too? Here's a few wacky ideas that beat the hell out of a gift certificate to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

· Giving to a charity in someone's name is a nice gesture in the spirit of the season, but sometimes seems like a cop-out on the receiving end. But now there's AdoptAShark, operated by SoCal nonprofit Iemanya Oceanica, a program that works to save sharks from extinction by educating the public in fun ways. A $49.99 donation gets you a cool adoption pack with photos of the shark you helped, an adoption certificate, a t-shirt and the knowledge that you've made a difference, but we should tell you that $250 tags your very own personal shark to name and then track via satellite.

· There's a lot to love about LA, from the weather to the nightlife to the beautiful people at every turn. But if the earthquakes, mudslides and fires haven't gotten the message across, this Kid Dangerous t-shirt will: “LA Don't

· We've all had that moment of weakness, where we just had to take off our glove in the cold in order to send a text. Well, somebody else feels your pain and decided to do something about it. The Etre Touchy gloves are actually designed to leave the tops of the thumb and index finger open for easy texting, eating or whatever else you need to do.

· You probably never thought you'd be able to combine your love of drinking and your love of modern art outside of holding a wine glass at a gallery opening. For those sick of framed Chat Noir prints, check out BevShots, which sells modern art-style photographs of alcoholic drinks blown up under a microscope. You'll never look at beer the same again.

· For that one smug, super vegan friend who doesn't miss an opportunity to point out all the ways they save the Earth, get them Stay Vocal's fill-in-the-blank "What Do You Do?" T-shirt. Bonus points: the shirts used for the design are recycled old stock with a new patch applied to the front to cover the old design.