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Lineblogging: LA Minkettes Get Ready to Rumble Next Door to LnA

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Epic lines and a sea of bags marked the Minkoff sale in NYC. Now the west coast gets a crack at the frenzy-inducing discounted bags. Find out if it's all worth your trouble here, then head over to 7961 W. 3rd St.

9:55am: There's an LnA sale going on next door. Prices are $40 for lace zipper leggings, $40 for a lace tank, $20 for a pencil skirt.

9:56am: Only one other person here waiting for the sale to open.

10:00am: Morning After minibag for $325, Infatuation clutch for $150

10:01am: Zip Morning After minibag $350, stud Devote $420

10:10am: The Minkoff sale still is not open. There's about 8 perturbed gals out front now. Can see great merch and prices through the window, though.

10:11am: Yay, doors about to open!

10:12am: Extra bonus deal: spend $500, get 10% off

10:13am: Employees = lagging!

10:15am: Employees standing around texting. Door still not open. So uncool!

10:19am: People are discussing the weekend's sample sale plans.

10:20am: Nikki Minkoff bag for $350, Mini Mini Minkoff for $150

10:21am: Darling bag for $295


10:23am: Small zip Minkoff wallet for $50. We are being tortured here.

10:29am: Doors open!

10:34am: Total crap! They can't take credit cards till after 11. Outta here!